The global labour market is going through a period of deep change. The demand for qualified personnel in emerging economies is increasing at an unstoppable rate, whilst developed countries are experiencing a stagnation that has lead to unprecedented levels of unemployment in some cases. As an HR services provider, we are fully aware that this disparity has already started a deep transformation of the labour market that is not going to stop.


Therefore, we encourage companies and professionals to accept those changes with confidence, and to allow us to walk together through this fascinating journey, although sometimes it might not be easy.


We are a Human Resources company with an expertise in Recruiting and Personnel Selection around the world. The professionals who make up Talented People have extensive experience in the HR sector, thus guaranteeing success through an understanding of both the customer companies and the candidate's needs. At CBR we have a deep knowledge of the international labour market and we use new technologies in order to expedite our HR search and selection process and add transparency and efficiency to it.



At CBR Talented People we are experts in Recruitment and Personnel Selection of qualified professionals worldwide. We mobilize talent in a global economy, helping our customer companies find the professionals they need in order to face their challenges, improve every day and become more competitive. What is really important to us are people, and following this concept, we give a boost to the career of the professionals who want an international opportunity in any of the environments that offer more chances and more economic growth in the world.



Our challenge, passion and commitment as an HR company, experts on Recruitment and Personnel Selection worldwide, is to contribute to the success of our customers, making an effort to find, attract and retain talent. Professionals who work at CBR Talented People have broad experience in the HR sector and this, together with the understanding of the customer companie's and the candidate's needs, is for us a guarantee of success.



Through our network of partners, we intend to cover all aspects of global recruitment and selection. Our collaboration with Tea-Cegos allows us to know our candidates better and be able to offer them the job that best fits their abilities. Through the on-line test we discover and confirm abilities in the commercial or managing and business leadership,among others.