Through our network of partners, we intend to cover all aspects of global recruitment and selection. Our collaboration with Tea-Cegos allows us to know our candidates better and be able to offer them the job that best fits their abilities. Through the on-line test we discover and confirm abilities in the commercial or managing and business leadership,among others.


Languages are essential when working abroad. Thanks to preferential agreements with many linguistic services providers, we offer our professionals the possibility to take language courses, which are aimed at preparing for interviews, improving spoken fluency or reaching a certain level. Courses are customized, one-to-one and can be attended on site or on-line using Skype. We also offer the opportunity to take on-line courses by ABBA English and Babbel.

Through our partner, an international expatriation and relocation services provider, we offer expatriation assistance services. With offices in several countries reaching multiple destinations, we provide assistance and solutions for all practical issues related to international mobility. We know from our own experience that anticipating the required information regarding practical issues about the destination country, as well as having the support of an expert, significantly reduces the process of adaptation to the country and consequently the entire experience turns out to be more positive.

In order to bring our candidates closer to the companies, we collaborate with GoToMeeting and use their videoconferencing system, through which we perform interactive interviews from any part of the world and including many participants. We also use it to record the interviews and send them to the customer company, among other features.