At CBR Talented People we are experts in Recruitment and Personnel Selection of qualified professionals worldwide. We mobilize talent in a global economy, helping our customer companies find the professionals they need in order to face their challenges, improve every day and become more competitive. What is really important to us are people, and following this concept, we give a boost to the career of the professionals who want an international opportunity in any of the environments that offer more chances and more economic growth in the world.


CBR TALENTED PEOPLE  find, attract and connect professionals seeking an international opportunity with companies who need them.

We have a pool of experienced, highly qualified, and well trained professionals with foreign language proficiency. Not only they meet the companie' requirements, but they are also available to start immediately. Our professionals are multidisciplinary, creative and actively involved people, able to face new challenges and adapt themselves to foreign countries and cultures. These days, talent is found all over the world and we must be able to find it. We benefit from Recruitment and Selection 2.0, since it provides us with a participative, interactive and collaborative environment that lets us reach Talent easily. We can then evaluate it, confirm that it's in keeping with the company's culture and even verify that the chosen candidate is the Talent we are looking for.


As HR services providers, we know what it takes to connect customers and talents, so we try to eliminate barriers and ensure smoothness, transparency and efficiency in our search and selection process through new technologies. People are our priority and our passion, and we support them with a variety of services throughout the process of working and living abroad.