"CBR Talented People offers you several solutions to help in the interviewing process and connect the candidates and the customer companies. Thanks to our partners, we also offer different solutions in order to make the selection process easier. Some of them are interactive interviews, coordination of interviews, search of videoCVs, prior-to-departure trainings and pre-emptive medical tests."


Interactive Interviews

At CBR Talented People, we use all the benefits technology offers us in order to bring our candidates closer to companies. We use a videoconferencing system which is really easy to access via PC and does not require the customer to previously install any software. It is activated through a dynamic link, sent in a meeting request e-mail, which will grant access to the on-line interactive interview system.


Interviews Coordination

Flexibility is one of our principles: we understand that every customer has different needs, so we try to match them. Therefore, we offer the customer the possibility to personally interview the preselected candidates. CBR Talented People searches for the candidates, goes through the CVs and sends the ones that fit the requirements to the company. Once the candidates are selected, we arrange, organize the session or sessions demanded and the multiple interview's agenda in our offices.



We want to bring our professionals close to the customer companies. Therefore, at CBR Talented People we believe that the videoCV is a powerful digital tool, since it allows the candidate to show, in less than 2 minutes, his/her talent through much more effective media than the written CV. The videoCV lets us know more than just the professional profile of the candidate, but his/her personality, something that would be impossible to capture on a paper.



We want to help our candidates achieve success in their new job abroad. In that sense, we are fully aware that it is very important for them to put all their knowledge and technical expertise into practice, given the kind of vacancies we fill. To cover these requirements, we arrange temporary agreements with various training providers in order to offer our candidates courses tailored to their specific technical needs. 



Pre-emptive medical tests

Some companies require candidates, as a previous step to hiring, to take pre-emptive medical tests in order to evaluate their occupational aptitude according to the occupational risks of the job position. Pursuant to the Spanish Law of Labour Risk Prevention (Ley de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales 31/1995) of November 8th, the content of medical tests and other statements relating to health are of a confidential nature, and the person or people who access them shall be bound by the obligation of professional secrecy. If performed, these tests are of course taken of the worker's own will, who always has to give his/her prior consent.