Pre-emptive medical tests

Some companies require candidates, as a previous step to hiring, to take pre-emptive medical tests in order to evaluate their occupational aptitude according to the occupational risks of the job position. Pursuant to the Spanish Law of Labour Risk Prevention (Ley de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales 31/1995) of November 8th, the content of medical tests and other statements relating to health are of a confidential nature, and the person or people who access them shall be bound by the obligation of professional secrecy. If performed, these tests are of course taken of the worker's own will, who always has to give his/her prior consent.



The occupational health medical test consists of an elaboration of a case story (a medical questionnaire), a medical examination, a blood test and some complimentary tests depending on the risks attached to the job, as well as a detailed description of the candidate's work history.


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